Daily Diary: Day Five

Words by Nanna Dybdal
Photos by Yeo Li-Sha and Hamza Delbar

After yet another late night yesterday (for productive and responsible reasons), many took advantage of not having a packed program and decided to sleep in shortly longer than had been possible so far. With no sessions planned for the day, we were free to write soft stories, catch up on missing work and enjoy our last full day in Kota Kinabalu. We went collectively to Gaya Street, from where we went on to have our lunch. Someone tried Durian (in the form of jam) for the fist time, and it was described as tasting like strong cheese, 2 years over expiring date, covered in mold (if you haven’t guessed yet – that someone was me) and in hindsight – reflecting on the taste, I would like to add a mixture of rotten egg to the description in order to fully cover the flavor. However, describing my personal culinary experience is a sidetrack, and I should get back to reporting our fifth day in Sabah. After lunch, most went to the waterfront, to enjoy the view and snap a few photos.


20133496_1264229677037265_961879577_o.jpgOne of the landmarks at the waterfront

From here people split into smaller groups, and whilst some returned to Masada to work on stories others went to look for new stories and explore more of KK. Historic places, malls and the handicraft market were visited.

As afternoon started to look like evening, everyone started to get ready for the biggest event of today – our Farewell Dinner. It was held at ‘Chilli Vanilla’. The food was great, and it was truly nice to be able to speak to and thank the people who had made this ISO trip possible, interesting and memorable. We had prepared small gifts to show our gratitude, and it was also time to reveal the prizes for:

Lightest check-in bag: Franklin (with unbeatable 0kg!)

Best traveller: Hamza

One to come to when sad: Hannah


DSC_0685_procPathfinder Meng Yeo giving a speech at the farewell dinner

After the delightful dinner we all went to the waterfront, to enjoy the company of each other and the beautiful view one last time. A toast to Sabah and all the stories we have found here conclude a successful trip.

Nanna is known to love challenges and emerging into new cultures. However, she is also known to have an extreme and irrational fear of snakes and to be happy to have the privilege of withdrawing to a home with no-snake-guarantee included in the facilities. She firmly believes that the antidote for ignorance is travel.


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