*Cue Hysterical Laughter* – We Say The Darndest Things [ISO Sabah Edition]

Words by Hannah Reshma
Photos by Hannah Reshma and Hong Di-Anne

Though the ISO Sabah trip was short, the camaraderie between travellers was fast-formed and palpable; and the trip was filled with many moments of pure, unfiltered laughter, with (and at) each other. Thus, this article was born, a compilation of the darndest things we say (and text) – a tribute to each of the unique characters on the ISO Sabah study trip.

Meng Yoe: We’re leaving on a jet plane
Meng Yoe: But we do know when we’ll be back again

Hamza: “Omg where’s Norman?”

(Hamza, failing at the buddy system from the get-go: not noticing Norman’s absence from the van until we had already reached the airport)

Jasbir: This tea is terrible
Hannah: Tea-rrible?

Jasbir: *Orders another tea*
Hannah: Is this tea tea-sty?
Hannah: …
Hannah: Shoot I should have gone with tas-tea shouldn’t I?

Meng Yoe: This is the handicraft area where you can buy…handicraft

(Meng Yoe exhibiting excellent explanation skills)

Hamza: PC pills? I think I need to take them…to regulate myself

(Hamza in a discussion about birth control (BC) pills)

Jasbir: You’re either a bro
Franklin: …or a garden tool

Hannah: Omg Norman if you lie down on the ground, you’ll disappear!


18 norman floorHere’s a (blur) picture of the floor….and some jeans

Franklin: Say silk five times fast
Hannah: Silk silk silk silk silk
Franklin: What do cows drink
Hannah: …grass

Hui Min: You’re not even in the game

(Hui Min delivering a savage burn to Tuck, discussing the level of his ‘game’ in obtaining girls’ phone numbers)

Meng Yoe: *Shares crackers with Li-Sha*
Li-Sha: Hahahaha
Meng Yoe: Why did you laugh at my crackers? Did they crack you up?

Fadzrin: *Points at white buoy*
Fadzrin: Look it’s a bloated pigeon

15 mad pigeonYeah, Mad – that’s not a bird, that’s a piece of plastic

Hannah: We can play spoons but I don’t have spoons, I brought chopsticks instead. We can play sticks!
Li-Sha: Sticks and spoons
Franklin: Sticks and spoons may break my boones…

*Discussing stories and photos*
Chrishandra: I need you Hamza
Everyone: …
Chrishandra: I need photos from you, Hamza

*Playing Two Truths and One Lie*
Li-Sha: I was born with a dislocated hip, I dislocated both my knees, I dislocated my ribcage
Hamza: How do you disCOLAte your hip?

(Hamza, visibly excited, making a verbal typo)

Di-Anne: Can we cross the road to take a picture of (Mount) Kinabalu?
Meng Yoe: Now that Jasbir’s gone to the toilet, we can do these things. Because now…I AM THE LAW! *looks super happy*

IMGP2958 Meng Yoe looking super happy: “I’ve always wanted to say that!”

Nanna: Pigeons are rats with wings

I now interrupt our regularly scheduled programme to bring you a snippet of ‘Cue Hysterical Laughter: Whatsapp Edition’:

6 lizardOf interviewing animals, and appropriate memes

7 tasty cats

8 kfcAuthor’s note: I didn’t even get the nuggets

14 hannah laughter
I came out to have a good time and I am honestly feeling so attacked (by Norman) right now (1/2)

9 rude hannahI came out to have a good time and I am honestly feeling so attacked (by Norman) right now (2/2)

13 buns

11 shaming of di-anne The true purpose of group chats is to shame other travellers in ‘’lost’-their-phone-and-cause-a-mini-panic-only-to-find-it-in-their-bag-once-the-van-has-already-made-a-U-turn situations’


10 beggars
Arguably, the happiest bunch of beggars to exist

12 pigeons Franklin totally not overreacting to a photo of pigeons, especially considering he was at lunch with the boys eating GRUBS

And now, back to our verbal nonsense:

Norman: Do you know ‘kipouvo’ means ‘there are bananas’? ‘Ki’ means ‘there are’ and ‘pouvo’ means ‘banana trees’
*Continues on this train of thought aka rambles/mutters to himself for about 3 minutes*
Norman: Wouldn’t it be practical if we were all named after what we have?
Norman: I would be ‘ki Macbook Air’, Li-Sha you are ‘ki DSLR’
Norman: Hannah would be ‘ki nonsense’

Franklin: Eeee so shameless Norman cover yourself

16 haram normy

Hamza and Hannah: *Swat bugs off each other*
Hamza and Hannah: I got your bug!!
Hamza and Hannah: *High fives*

*Arriving back from grueling hike about full of slipping and sliding*
Jasbir: Did you hurt your backbone?
Di-Anne: I…don’t….have…a backbone?

(Hong Di-Anne, our spineless alumni traveller)

Meng Yoe: *Holds watermelon* If you put this in the fridge it becomes winter melon

*Franklin eats 6 slices of bread for breakfast*
Hannah: I think when you die and we do an autopsy, we’ll find that your insides would have turned into a huge loaf of bread

Franklin: This has been the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals, maybe ever

(Franklin, after being cheated in a biscuit trade with Hamza, trading a full biscuit for Hamza’s half-eaten one)

franklin trump meme

Li-Sha: Ew there’s a moth on my leg!
Hannah: Why do you only think about yourself, Li-Sha? Maybe the moth is thinking “Ew there’s a Li-Sha’s leg on me???”

(Hannah illustrating why she is ‘ki nonsense’)

Meng Yoe: Yesterday Nanna asked me where she could find pearls, so I Googled ‘genuine pearls in Kota Kinabalu’…
Meng Yoe: The first result was YoYo Café, the second was Gong Cha…

Hamza: Because my heart is open for you 24/7

(Hamza, speculating why a wedding photoshoot was happening outside a 24/7 convenience store)

Hannah: Not first place, is it Ken-ya or Can’t-ya?

(Hannah remarking on Kenyans losing to local Sabahans at the annual Kinabalu Climbathon)

Li-Sha: It’s to absorb the moitchure
Li-Sha: *Laughs until she goes extremely red in the face*

(Verbal typo #2: Li-Sha trying to explain to Hannah why there was a slice of bread on the floor of the room)

Franklin: What’s your favourite memory of the ISO trips?
Jasbir: […] and looking at the stars in Kampung Kiau. I’ve never seen so many stars in my life
Hannah: What about looking around this table right now?
Jasbir: There are many stars, some bright ones, and…*points at Hannah*… some not so bright ones

*Hannah leaves*

Meng Yoe: What did you have for lunch?
Hannah: Chicken rice
Meng Yoe: What do you call it when chickens fly?
Meng Yoe: Chicken…rise

Hamza: Paint me like one of your French girls

17 hamza princess

Stay tuned for Part 2 – a compilation of the darndest things we do!


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