Isn’t She (Mother Nature) Lovely?

Words by Janice Ng
Photos by Janice Ng

Mother Nature.  There is just something naturally alluring about her in the purest form. Lush greeneries. Vast oceans. Majestic mountains. A myriad array of biodiversity – from the tiniest of critters to the largest of creatures. She makes you awestruck and wonder at a Creator who owns the best box of crayons and paints in every shade of hue imaginable. While most definitely nothing beats than embracing its entirety first-hand, Mother Nature is truly a masterpiece of its own when encapsulated in a single photograph. This is evidently seen in the rise of eco-photography and astro-photography lately. However when scrolling through Instagram or any Internet feed, these aesthetically pleasing photographs are usually captured in a land(s) far, far away.

That is until with the recent astro-tourism wave sweeping across the Malaysian shores.

Stars in SabahPantai Indarason Laut, Kudat.
Photo: Christianto Soning.
Taken from: Star 2

Captivated and inspired by works as such, this true-blue aspiring Malaysian writer/photographer set forth with a goal to frame the beauty of her homeland in its truest form. Here are some of her snapshots during her adventures throughout the ISO Sabah study trip.

IMG_20170627_083549You would not believe your eyes; if we’re ten million feet up in the sky

IMG_20170627_103008Glimpse of the Land Below the Wind


IMG_20170628_114209Busy bees working endlessly

IMG_20170628_145013To be swift as a coursing river

IMG_20170628_181819Fiery passion amidst serenity

IMG_20170628_183051Roads were made for journeys, not destinations

IMG_20170629_152917Mount Kinabalu in its full splendour overpowering its surroundings


IMG_20170629_183221Painted by the sun without instructions in art


IMG_20170629_183030Lion King vibes

IMG_20170630_060410Sunrise highlighting the full grandeur of Mount Kinabalu

IMG_20170630_103341Resists the urge to start belting the Sound of Music theme song

IMG_20170701_150500The mighty harmonist

IMG_20170702_184456_BURST1Sabah – till we meet again

However, this author also desires for Mother Nature to be treated respectfully as she wholly deserves. After all, mankind can only disappoint her for so long.

IMG_20170628_152859Stark evidence of abuse on Mother Nature

“I wish that all of nature’s magnificence, the emotion of the land, the living energy of place could be photographed.” — Annie Leibovitz

This dancer/cheerleader has conquered half of Southeast Asia to date; next up Asia? The current item being prioritised in her bucket list at the moment is to witness the Japan 2020 Olympics


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