Words by Hannah Reshma
Photos and Videos by Hannah Reshma, Norman Harsono, Franklin Tan, Hamza Delbar, Jasbir Singh, Aw Yuong Tuck, Chrishandra Sebastiampillai, Yeo Li-Sha & Yeong Hui Min

From eating grubs and trapeze-ing around KK,
up to non-stop nonsense for six whole days,
will Meng Yoe ever forgive us,
For causing such an amount of ruckus?
The Sabah trip may be over,
yet the memories are far from mediocre,
Part 1 details the silly things we say,
All our witty jokes and puns (“touché”)
Now paying homage to all the darn things we do.
Without further ado, here is Part 2:

#1 Li Sha tries raw honey

Li Sha raw honey_1

#2 Dancing to Bole Chudiyan in the middle of Kota Kinabalu
bole chudiyan (1)_1

#3 The CO-CO-NUT Choir

(Plot twist – we are the actual coconuts, and we’re gonna sweep next year’s Grammy awards)

#4 Eating. Grubs.

mad grub_1
No comment.
(For context, click here)

Bonus: Hamza, the daredevil, touches a grub (listen with sound for maximum effect)

#5 Hamza, part-time daredevil, full-fledged badass

hamza badass

#6 Meng Yoe finds a fish statue at the Waterfront….:


….and proceeds to hide behind it

#7 The abuse of the fish statue continues:


Norman’s sweet talk is failing – look at the grim line the fish’s mouth is set in

#8 Li Sha makes a shampoo commercial

Li Sha shampoo_1

Maybe its you, maybe its Maybelline, maybe it would help to shut the van window

#9 Hananna (Hannah and Nanna) buy matching toad purses

hannna-buys-matching-frog-purses1.jpeg“Why?” (Hamza, 2017)

#10 Dancing at the base station of Mount Kinabalu

dancing (2)_1

Bonus: Jasbir flapping??

jasbir flap_1Jasbir flaps(!) as our guides, Andrew, Nasiri and Sintiah do a traditional dance

#11 Recording the dance at the base station of Mount Kinabalu:

recording kk
A most precarious set-up, but at least our safety advisor is on location!

#12 Hannah feeds fish

Sound on to hear her nervous shrieks

#13 This spooky apparition caught on camera

#14 Hamza flies away

hamza flies awayThis is fake. He was not flying away.

#16 The creation of this music video:

Move over Backstreet Boys, the ISO Sabah Boys are in town (except Mad who knows not the concept of synchrony)

#17 Continuing this study trip tradition of our #swag #badass pathfinders (Side note: does it count as tradition if it’s only been done twice?)

Edisi 2016: Dr Yeoh Seng Guan

Edisi 2017: Dr Tan Meng Yoe

A short intermission to introduce some #justisotripthings that the study trips just wouldn’t be the same without:

#18 Sleeping any time, anywhere:


Is it even an ISO study trip if we aren’t all sleep deprived?

#19 Out-of-tune singing at the top of our lungs during long van journeys:



A.K.A the cultural energizer’s cheat sheet to traveller bonding

#21 Recording the documentary no matter the conditions:

recording in the rainDry equipment > Dry Hannah

And now returning to our shenanigans unique to ISO Sabah:

#22 Norman’s breakfast: Noodles, sugar, and….hair???

norman eating sugar noodles hair_1

#23 Hananna (Hannah & Nanna) fangirl over a Roman (?) soldier:

hannah and nanna meet a roman soldierAfter this, and the matching toad purses, I think its safe to say that these two should not be left unsupervised.

#24 Hui Min casually interviews a local monitor lizard:

“I guess he’s a shy one”

#25 Hannah engaging in a firecracker battle with the little boys at the Ka’amatan Festival, only to later lose all her arsenal and be chased up the hill by the small, fierce posse with their explosive weapons


Hannah firecracker 2Actual footage of Norman not being any help

Li Sha firecrackerThe noble fight – brave Li Sha stepped in to substitute Hannah 

#26 This photo-ception:

Norman takes a photo of Li Sha taking a photo of Hamza taking a photo of Chrish taking a photo of Meng Yoe and Jasbir on the CCTV footage

#27 Janice dances with a dog:

Janice dog_1_1dog = unimpressed

#28 Hannah unpacks everything, and leaves no room for herself:

hannah no space

#29 Norman sitting on a wall

norman sitting
When you see it! Side note: there was pigeon poop right near his head

#30 Hannah goes to jail:

hannah in jailPro-tip: Don’t ask Franklin to visit you in jail, he only laughs and sends an embarrassing photo to the group chat

#31 This two-part series of Mad Running At Pigeons:

When you look up ‘anticlimax’ in the dictionary, this video shows up. (Listen in for evil/hysterical laughter)

mad successful pigeon_1r e d e m p t i o n

#32 Franklin and Hamza wage a war against a moth:

franklin hamza fight moth_1

#33 And to end, the ‘ISO Sabah Wildlife Documentary’, a perfect encapsulation of the ISO Sabah’s crew’s darndest-ness:

Fighting off everyday evil with her “spiciness”, Hannah relishes in the notion that she is cool and swag, but you probably could not find someone with less chill than her


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