Partners of Community Organisations in Sabah (PACOS) Trust is a community-based organisation dedicated in supporting Sabah indigenous communities. The organisation has been actively involved in embodying its motto since 1987.

PACOS Trust envisions to see peaceful indigenous communities; united and well-equipped with the knowledge and expertise to manage their resources and opportunities in sustaining a comfortable life. It also strives to engage and empower local communities in matters of protecting and preserving their identities, lands, culture and traditions. PACOS Trust fulfils this mission, deriving from the name itself, by systematically building and strengthening Community Organisations in 14 districts encompassing 23 geographical areas; with each organisation acting collectively on its own, determining and implementing its individual area plan and work programme.

The organisation likewise serves as an intermediary between the communities and foreign entities, be it local and/or international governmental agencies, private corporations or non-governmental organisations, highlighting issues especially related to indigenous communities in Sabah. PACOS Trust has undertaken an extensive array of initiatives focused on having a positive impact on the local communities. A few of these non-exhaustive ventures include assisting in building of Community Learning Centres (CLC), Kivatu Nature Farm and Tagal (Fish Conservation) Project.