Dusun Women’s Traditional Costumes: Then And Now

Words by Yeong Hui Min
Photos by Yeong Hui Min

**Please note that terms used are in the Dusun language. Some items are named differently in other native languages.

Girls costumes groupA group of Dusun girls in traditional costumes of different tribes posing in a group photo

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The Untold Stories of Mount Kinabalu Guides

Words by Yeong Hui Min
Photos by Yeo Li-Sha

Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia’s highest mountain, is attracting many enthusiastic mountain climbers around the world. With many local and foreign tourists coming into Sabah to climb up to the peak of Mount Kinabalu, mountain guides play a crucial role in making sure the climbers complete the trek safely. There are more than 200 guides, with only five female guides.

Being a mountain guide is not a job that everyone can take up. A mountain guide requires good stamina and great strength. Guides must also be at the age of 18 and above, undergo medical check-ups and pass their interviews to be qualified for the job. The seven guides that we met with today in Kampung Kiau do not just fulfil these requirements but also have learnt hiking skills from their fathers. Continue reading “The Untold Stories of Mount Kinabalu Guides”