A Night to Remember

Words by Yeo Li-Sha
Photos by Hamza Delbar

Date: 1/7/2017

Time: 7 pm – 9 pm

Venue: Chilli Vanilla

Travellers: Dr Tan Meng Yoe, Hong Di-Anne, Chrishandra Sebastiampillai, Jasbir Singh, Li-Sha, Hui Min, Tuck, Janice, Hannah, Fadzrin, Franklin, Norman, Nanna, Hamza

Special Guests: Puan Anne, Andrew, Rojieka, Gordon, Nasiri, Sintiah (PACOS Trust);

Rupert and Carol Augustin (Friends of Dr Tan); Jasmine (Monash Alumni)

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Truth Be Told

Words by Yeo Li-Sha
Photos by Yeo Li-Sha

  • The word ‘Tapun’ by the Dusun people (Interviewed Gordon from PACOS)

Tapun’ is a sacred word used by the Dusun people to decline food politely when offered in order to avoid any bodily injuries by the evil spirits. They believe that if you or reject a meal without saying ‘Tapun’ you will face physical harm, such as falling down the road.

So the way of using ‘Tapun’ is that when you are offered food and you are not hungry, kindly decline the offer by gently touching the tip of the food or the tip of the plate and say ‘Tapun’.


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Heritage Walk 101

Words by Yeo Li-Sha
Photos by Yeong Hui Min & Yeo Li-Sha

Kota Kinabalu (KK) as the capital city of Sabah is attracting an increasing number of tourists, of those include 14 travelers from School of Arts and Social Sciences of Monash University Malaysia. Upon arrival, the thirteenth installment of the ‘In Search Of’ series commenced with a 3-hour heritage walk around KK town with the founder of KK Heritage Walk, Grace Leong. 

Grace has undertaken several various professions such as a travel clerk, an accomplished salesperson for an international corporation, Rank Xerox Ltd and even a branch manager for a local company called Mulpha. Despite the numerous work experiences obtained, she finally ventured into her dream job as a professional tourist guide. She had attained her touring license in October 1989 and had been working as a professional tourist guide ever since.

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