Daily Diary: Day Six

Words by Mohd Fadzrin
Photos by Hamza Delbar

10:15am: Gaya Street Market

The morning was bright and sunny as we walked through Gaya street where there was a Sunday market. We observed many things being sold from fruits, fidget spinners, to even pets that stretches all the way along Gaya Street. What was particularly interesting was that we saw many stalls selling axes, scythes and other farming equipment out in the open. One could imagine how a maniac would simply reach out to one of these and start a rampage, but I guess our fears were dulled by the sight of the machetes locked up in a well secure cage. Shortly after, we ended up in a shop well known for its buns. Continue reading “Daily Diary: Day Six”


Kiau: Chilly and Hilly

Words by Mohd Fadzrin
Photos by Yeong Hui Min, Yeo Li-Sha & Hamza Delbar

Sabah contains many different cities, towns, and villages; each of them with their own unique history and culture. Today, we had a small tour around the village of Kiau, located near Mount Kinabalu. One of our tour guides for today have made time for us to see for ourselves the realities of this small community, in the cold weather of Sabah’s highlands.

Kiau village is located 1,600 feet above sea level, with a population of about 800 people. Majority of them are Christians, with a small number of animists. These people live in 90 houses scattered across the area. A majority of them are Dusun. Most of them are farmers, though there are those who work in private and governmental sectors. In 2015, the village was hit with an earthquake, the strongest ever recorded in Malaysia, that had damaged the area and taken 18 lives in total.

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Of Guides, Hope, and Sabah

Words by Mohd Fadzrin
Photo by Yeong Hui Min

Of all the memories, experiences, feelings, and moments we’ve experienced in the visits we made, it is easy to forget of the very people that helped us unlock those encounters. We may have our own stories but let’s not forget the stories these guides have about their lives.

Let’s talk about their stories instead.

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