Daily Diary: Day Five

Words by Nanna Dybdal
Photos by Yeo Li-Sha and Hamza Delbar

After yet another late night yesterday (for productive and responsible reasons), many took advantage of not having a packed program and decided to sleep in shortly longer than had been possible so far. With no sessions planned for the day, we were free to write soft stories, catch up on missing work and enjoy our last full day in Kota Kinabalu. We went collectively to Gaya Street, from where we went on to have our lunch. Someone tried Durian (in the form of jam) for the fist time, and it was described as tasting like strong cheese, 2 years over expiring date, covered in mold (if you haven’t guessed yet – that someone was me) and in hindsight – reflecting on the taste, I would like to add a mixture of rotten egg to the description in order to fully cover the flavor. However, describing my personal culinary experience is a sidetrack, and I should get back to reporting our fifth day in Sabah. After lunch, most went to the waterfront, to enjoy the view and snap a few photos. Continue reading “Daily Diary: Day Five”


Koonduan Kiau Nuluh Enterprise: Saving Livelihood, One Pineapple Jam Bottle a Time

Words by Hannah Reshma and Nanna Dybdal
Photos by Yeo Li-Sha and Hannah Reshma

When the earthquake struck the village of Kampung Kiau Nuluh in 2015, claiming the lives of 18, the villagers’ livelihood was also significantly impaired. Ms Aireen Gumbih, the head of production at the pineapple jam and chutney processing centre, reveals that the trauma from the quake had disenfranchised women from farming, as they were plagued with the fright that another earthquake might occur. In the aftermath of this tragedy, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and other organizational bodies came to the aid of the villagers, attempting to re-establish their livelihood.  As pineapple farming is a large part of the villagers’ livelihood in Kampung Kiau, Good Shepherd Services (GSS) suggested alternative ways of production of pineapple in order to generate high income and revenue for the ladies involved in the production, and thus, the Koonduan Kiau Nuluh Enterprise (KKNE) (Koonduan, when translated from Dusun to English, means women) was formed in order to restore the spirit and passion of the village women, empowering them through entrepreneurship.


Aireen Gumbih, explaining the workings of the jam and chutney processing centre

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Kivatu Nature Farm: Of Nature’s Delight

Words by Nanna Dybdal
Photos by Hamza Delbar & Nanna Dybdal

Standing at the entrance to the Kivatu Nature Farm (KNF), we were greeted and warmly welcomed by Irene, who at the same time encouraged us to put on mosquito repellent, as the insect is supposedly plentiful within the garden and farm area. As she passed around the bottle of yellow oil, Irene explained how it was made using lemongrass from the farm.

KNF started in 2008, drawing on inspiration from a similar project in Hong Kong, and is located at PACOS Trust headquarters. Their focus is on organic and sustainable procedures and products, which is very visible throughout the farm. KNF employ traditional methods and make the best use of natural resources within the different zones that the farm includes, while also functioning as a training centre for other community farmers. Further, they sell supplies and equipment, thus the place is also used as a trading centre and will even help community farmers to sell their products if they are struggling to. Finally, KNF contribute by imparting the knowledge of herbs, spices and general flora among the children at one of the Community Learning Centres – also located at the headquarters.

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