Coffee, Tea Or Mee?

Words by Aw Yuong Tuck
Photos by Hamza Delbar

Sabah is also called the “Land Below the Wind”. It is the second biggest state in Malaysia after Sarawak. There are many traditional Chinese coffee shops in Sabah that incorporated Muslim eateries, serving halal food.

Having said that, the segregation between races are much less evident here in comparison to the Peninsular Malaysia. To understand this phenomenon, the ISO Sabah crew interviewed the owner of Yuit Cheong Coffee Shop to learn more about the racial harmony that can be found in local coffee shops. Continue reading “Coffee, Tea Or Mee?”


Determination In The Name Of Education

Words by Aw Yuong Tuck
Photos by Aw Yuong Tuck

Kampung Kipouvo is a village that is located 15 kilometres away from Kota Kinabalu and had their first preschool since 1993. The first preschool in Kg. Kipouvo is one of the several Community Learning Centres (CLC); an initiative established by the Partners of Community Organisation (PACOS) Trust. This preschool was spearheaded by Hilda Pius, a local villager who is also currently working with PACOS Trust. Before the school was founded, villagers in Kg. Kipouvo only receive formal education after the age of seven. Most villagers did not attend school and many of them were practising homeschooling. Plans for early education in Kg. Kipouvo were stagnant because of the effort needed to commute in and out of the village. Before the asphalt was constructed, the villagers can only enter the village by using four-wheel drives. The roads were developed in 2010 due to the influence of local politics. Continue reading “Determination In The Name Of Education”